Orthex as an investment

Orthex Corporation is a Finnish publicly listed limited liability company with headquarters in Espoo, Finland. Orthex Corporation is the parent company of Orthex Group. The company’s shares are listed on the main list of Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd (Helsinki stock exchange). Orthex was listed on the prelist of the Helsinki stock exchange on 25 March 2021. The initial public offering of Orthex Corporation was oversubscribed, and the listing was completed as planned. Trading in Orthex shares on the main list of Helsinki stock exchange started on 29 March 2021.

Orthex history

Over 100 years of experience

Orthex Group has a long tradition of manufacturing and marketing household products. The group that today operates as one company comprises Sveico AB (since 1914), Hammarplast Consumer AB (since 1947) and Oy Orthex Ab (since 1955). Together, this amounts to over 230 years of experience in manufacturing high quality household products. The three factories remain in the locations where these three companies were originally founded: Gnosjö and Tingsryd in Sweden and Lohja in Finland.

In 2010, Oy Orthex Ab acquired Sveico AB. The acquisition brought the Group lots of knowhow in manufacturing high quality kitchen products. The GastroMax™ kitchen brand has a long history of cooperating with professional chefs in product development and many chefs use the products every day in their work. The vast range of kitchen products includes everything a home cook might need to cook like a professional chef.

Orthex Group acquired Hammarplast Consumer AB in 2011, which broadened the product range even further with more storage and garden products. The SmartStore™ -storage box range was originally launched in the mid 90’s by Hammarplast. It remains tremendously successful today and Orthex Group is continuously developing the concept to meet the needs of the modern home so that there is a place for everything.

Orthex today

Orthex is a leading Nordic houseware company. Orthex designs, produces and sells household products with a mission to make consumers’ everyday life easier: Orthex strives to create functional, long lasting and sustainable high-quality household products. Orthex’s products cover multifunctional assortment of storage boxes, kitchen products and products for home and yard. Orthex markets and sells its products under three main consumer brands: SmartStore™, GastroMax™ and Orthex™. In addition, it sells kitchen utensils under the Kökskungen™ brand.