CG Statements

Orthex Corporation is a Finnish publicly listed limited liability company since 29 March 2021 when the trading of its shares started on the official list of Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd. The company’s corporate governance complies with the company’s Articles of Association and Corporate Governance Principles as well as rules and regulations applicable to Finnish listed companies such as the Finnish Limited Liability Companies Act and Securities Markets Act, and rules and regulations of Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd. The company also adheres to the Finnish Corporate Governance Code 2020 (CG Code) issued by the Securities Market Association. The CG Code is available on the association’s website (

Orthex’s Corporate Governance Statements follow the reporting requirements of the CG Code. The statements are published separately from the Board of Directors’ report, but simultaneously with it and with the company’s financial statements, and the remuneration report as a part of the company’s annual and sustainability reports.

The company’s annual corporate governance statements will be available on the corporate website as separate pdf-files for at least ten year.