Annual General Meeting elects the auditor. According to the company’s Articles of Association, the auditor of the company must be an auditing firm approved by the Finnish Patent and Registration Office. The term of office of the auditor ends at the close of the next Annual General Meeting following the election of the auditor. The Annual General Meeting decides on the remuneration of the auditor.

The statutory audit covers the company’s accounting, financial statement and governance for the financial year.

Auditor in 2024

The Annual General Meeting 2024 re-elected Ernst & Young Oy, a firm of Authorised Public Accountants, as the company’s auditor for the term of office ending at the end of the next Annual General Meeting. As announced by Ernst & Young Oy, APA Mikko Rytilahti will continue as the signing audit partner.

Audit fees in 2023

The audit and other fees paid to the auditor in 2023 are presented in the table below.

Audit fee208 000174 000
Non-audit services12 00035 000