Orthex’s key objectives in its growth strategy are to:

  • become the number one brand in the Storage product category in Europe, and
  • strengthen its position as a leading household company in the Nordics

Orthex’s key strategic priorities


  • Orthex aims to improve its market position in the Nordics by levering learnings from past years’ successes.
  • Orthex will continue its efforts to grow the Storage product category throughout the Nordics through campaigns, expanding in-store excellence concepts in stores and new product launches.
  • Orthex targets growth in the Kitchen product category by focusing on sustainability and identified cross-sell expansion opportunities, such as in-store Kitchen product category implementations.
  • A continuous focus will also be to build share of wallet through continued strategic customer cooperation.
  • Orthex also aims to capture the e-commerce opportunity by cooperating closely with e-commerce companies as well as traditional retailers on their omnichannel strategy.
  • Orthex will systematically work to improve its product margins and leverage the scalability of its business model.

By continuing winning in the Nordics, Orthex plans to spread best practices across the Nordics and export markets.

Export markets 

  • Orthex go-to-market strategy will be delivered through a key account approach.
  • Orthex will focus on improving its distribution in its key export markets, its strategic customers and acquiring new customers as well as
  • Building new business utilizing the Storage product category and its focus on sustainability.
  • Orthex will seek to differentiate from competition with Nordic timeless design, in-store capabilities and high quality and build strong brands by leveraging its sustainability capabilities.

Accelerating the online retail distribution channel

  • Orthex acknowledges that e-commerce has significant potential in the future of retail in general.
  • Orthex aims to capture the online growth opportunity by establishing relationships with e-commerce companies and cooperating closely with traditional retailers on their omnichannel strategy.
  • With e‑commerce companies, Orthex will initially focus on its key export markets Germany, France and the United Kingdom where, in Orthex’s view, the e-commerce maturity level is high.
  • Specialist wholesalers and established online retailers, such as, Inc., will be the key target group of Orthex, given their developed e-commerce foundation, supply chain and logistics.
  • Orthex’s aim is to also build a strong brand presence in the relevant online distribution channels.