Orthex’s key objectives in its growth strategy are to:

  • become the number one brand in the storage product category in Europe, and
  • strengthen its position as a leading houseware company in the Nordics branded with sustainable products.

    Showing the way in sustainability

    • Orthex aims to be the industry forerunner in sustainability by offering high-quality, safe, and long-lasting products with timeless design. Orthex is reducing the carbon footprint of its operations and products by using more renewable and recycled raw materials.
      • Orthex believes that it has potential to become a preferred supplier of sustainable products.

      Orthex’s key strategic priorities

      Solid actions to keep winning in the Nordics

        • Orthex aims to grow the Storage product category in the Nordics through campaigns, expansion of in-store concepts and launch of new products.
        • Orthex targets growth in the Kitchen product category by focusing on sustainable products and distribution expansion opportunities.
                    • The close distribution linkage between Kitchen and Storage categories enables cross-selling by leveraging Orthex’s existing customer network.
                  • Orthex also aims to capture the e-commerce channel opportunities and the scalability of its business model.

                    By continuing winning in the Nordics, Orthex plans to spread best practices across the Nordics and international markets.

                    Accelerating growth in the international markets through strong customer collaboration 

                    • Orthex go-to-market strategy is delivered through local presence with a key account approach.
                    • Orthex focuses on improving its distribution in the international markets, invest in strategic customers and new customers acquisition.
                    • Orthex accelerates efforts to grow the Storage category in international markets utilizing the company’s long experience in the Nordics.

                    Orthex expects major growth opportunities in the international markets.

                    Accelerating growth through the online retail channel

                    • Orthex acknowledges that e-commerce provides significant opportunities for the entire retail business.
                    • Orthex aims to capture the e-commerce growth opportunities by strengthening relationships with e-commerce companies and working closely with retailers executing a multi-channel strategy.

                    Growth through innovations

                    • Innovation plays an important role in Orthex growth strategy.
                    • When developing new products and concepts Orthex will focus on improving consumers’ everyday life with sustainable and practical products with timeless design.

                    Market consolidation provides growth opportunities

                    Orthex anticipates that acquisitions could be an important opportunity to reach the company’s strategic objectives. Orthex intends to carefully evaluate acquisition opportunities in Europe. The synergies achieved through acquisitions are typically related to production, sales and marketing, logistics, product category expansions, overheads, and a stronger bargaining position.