The operations of Orthex Group are based on ethics and high morale, transparency and sustainability, as well as compliance with applicable laws, Orthex Group Code of Conduct and other corporate policies.

The whistleblowing channel is one tool for maintaining a healthy corporate and business culture. All employees and other stakeholders of the Orthex Group are encouraged to report their possible suspicions relating to non-compliance with the legislation or the Group’s policies and guidelines. It is important that Orthex’s employees and other stakeholders report any possible misconduct that they suspect. This is the most effective way to address possible infringements and to support Orthex’s position as a trusted company. At Orthex, all suspected violations and concerns are taken seriously.

How to report a misconduct or non-compliance?

A justified suspicion of infringement or misconduct is an adequate reason for submitting a report. You do not need to present evidence in connection with your report or the investigation of the infringement.

Orthex external stakeholders such as customers, suppliers and other partners can report their suspicions by sending email to

Orthex employees can report their suspicions anonymously using the company’s internal whistleblowing channel available on the company’s intranet.

  • Please identify and explain your concern in sufficient detail to facilitate an investigation.
  • You do not need to have firm evidence in support of your concern, but all messages must be made in good faith.
  • You may disclose your identity or send your message anonymously.
  • All messages are investigated confidentially following the company’s whistleblowing procedure defined in the Whistleblowing Policy approved by the Board of Directors.

Describe in your own words your suspicions and the circumstances leading to them. You can email your report anonymously by using an email address that does not disclose the sender’s identity.

Thank you for raising your concern!

The personal data of the whistleblower and the subject of the report are always processed in compliance with the personal data and information security legislation in effect at the time.